Monday, September 8, 2008


so another summer has come and gone and if any of you guys were wondering what the hell i've been up to since my laptop broke well basically a lot of drinking. after six months of having to wake up at 5:30 am monday to friday to make it for work at 7:00 i finally decided that it wasn't worth it at all and i fixed that problem right quick and to celebrate my re-found freedom i spent the last month of summer basically being drunk and beligerent. oh i also decided to hunt down all the comic books i read when i was little because my childhood was amazing and i want tangible memories of it. anyways the pictures i posted are basically me and my homies having a laugh and just being out and enjoying summer because trust me, toronto winters are fucking brutal. just the thought of a wind chill factor is already starting to give me winter blues. but my frieds are pretty rad and although when january comes and we're stuck waiting in line to get in somewhere bitching about how our toes are freezing, i'm certain that regardless of the season, its still gonna be just as grand.

p.s. am i the only one that thinks that new york fashion week is hella over-rated? i've been it all evening basically and really most of the shows have been uber boring. there were some obviously that i enjoyed...but that is for tomorrow. right now i'm going to search for hellboy 2 on line and chillax on my bed and eat nachos and drink soda. mondays are just as good a day off as sundays.


ryan said...

I thought north eastern european winters would take the cake, but so far Toronto still holds the title for most brutal cold in my book.

roybot said...

actually my friends from winnepeg tell me that they not only have windchill warnings, they also have frostbite warnings. i think winnepeg takes the cake for most brutal winters.

e-tron said...
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