Friday, September 12, 2008

new york - malo - spring/summer 2009

designer allesandro dell'acqua has always been known as a designer who draws inspiration from his inherent view of italian female sexuality. how to interpret that sexuality to a north american audience is perhaps the greatest challenge he faces at malo. the long standing cashmere house in need of a stabilizing force since losing four designers in a span of two years. for his debut collection for the house dell'acqua brought a less brazen type of sexuality in soft tailoring and wispy dresses in a muted colour pallette of greys, ivory, navy, olive, and black. some made with panels of fabric over light, transparent tulle providing modesty and a wink of flirtation at the same time. although minimalism is a school that dell'acqua is not closely associated with, the basic shape, colour, utilitarian zippers, and a little bit of sobriety gave his first outing for malo a more "americanized" feel. even with the injection of embelishments and decorations, it still formed clean geometric shapes that complimented rather than clashed with the over all sillhouette. only time will tell if the traditional malo costumer will buy into dell'acqua's vision. or if he does lose some of them, will his personal take on malo be able to seduce new ones.


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foolfashion said...

I loved the collection.

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