Wednesday, September 3, 2008


so i've finally been reconnected to the world wide web just in time for new york fashion week. i do have a whole bunch of post on the way that i've been working on while i've been away that i'm going to be posting very soon. my laptop is still retarded and needs to get fixed but in the meantime i got the parental unit's old desktop which suits me just fine because i have a gazillion images on this computer anyways that's just waiting to be used. anyways...y'all don't know how happy i am to be typing on a keyboard. i would post something now but since i haven't really been able to surf as freely as i used to i'm going to spend the rest of this evening catching up on cyberspace. later gators.

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e-tron said...

technology schmecknology, enough with the excuses already! Glad to see you back....tutututututututut!

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