Monday, September 8, 2008

new york - yigal azrouel - spring/summer 2009

new york city might seem like an odd choice for a designer like yigal azrouel. since his designs tends to lean towards a more european, and intellectual sensibility, a designer like him could potentionally find himself dislocated in the capital of a capitalist world. new york city however is really much more than wall street and the world's most important stock exhange, it is also the center of perhaps america's most influential export of all, its street culture. a culture that influences everything from economics, music, art, and fashion itself. this part of new york is where israeli born designer yigal azrouel draws his inspiration from. reknowned for his luxurious yet easy designs filled with his expert use of draping fabric, azrouel caters to the woman who can effortlessly combine high quality, femininity, and comfort into clothes that are always modern and have the capacity to trascend all across the age bracket. for spring/summer 2009, azrouel presented charming ethnic prints made into the perfect summer dresses loosely inspired by the kaftan. he also introduced denim into his collection giving the clothes a more urban feel but paired them up with soft, delicate knits layered loosely on top each other. while this season didn't explore radical new ideas it was definately enough to ensure that come next spring his old and loyal customers are going to have to put up a fight with the new customers he won over with this presentation.


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