Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new york - ohne titel - spring/summer 2009

in just a few short seasons, design duo alexa adams and flora gill have managed to catapult their fledgling label ohne titel as one of the most interesting new brands to watch out for. what these two designers bring to the table is their highly indvidual proposition for women to wear. for such a young brand, adams and gill have managed to produce extremely wearable clothes based on thoroughly directional ideas and defining a look that is all their own. for spring/summer 2009 the designers reworked the loosely draped trousers that have become their signature piece. it still retained all its fluidity and airiness but whereas previous incarnation of their trouser had dhoti inspired drop crotchess which slightly tapered down the leg, this time around it was full of volume from the waist all the way down the leg and came pleated to exaggerate the movement of the fabric even more. the dresses they showed were some of the best of the week. made of chiffon with a combination of pleating techniques and ruffles, it was both diaphanous but never too girly. there was still that underlining urbanity that gave the clothes a modern appeal. and like all other ohne titel collections, this too had a tribal pulse running throughout. with stockings stiched with patterns that gave the illusion of maori tattoos. the ethnic theme lasted until the end of the show with the clossing parade of dresses made of what appears to be different coloured chiffon woven, knotted, and pleated unto a fishnet skeleton by a basket weaver. the technical ingenuity and a clearly personal vision has made ohne titel one of the most watched young label not just in new york city, but all over the globe.

photo: style.com

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