Tuesday, September 30, 2008

paris spring/summer 2009 - maison martin margiela

celebrating twenty years in the business, fashions most infamously elusive figure presented a sort of "greatest hits" collection that served as a reminder on how important a designer margiela is. not content on just sending carbon copies of some of his most iconic designs, instead it was a revised re-issues of past hits. tweaked a little bit to adhere to today's taste. just like his other fellow belgians know as the antwerp six (margiela was an original member but left and was replaced by marina yee), there is a rigorous intellectual approach to his work. his work isn't just mere decoration on the body, it actually challenges popular understanding on how clothes react to the figure. take the now ubiquitous trend for exaggerated shoulders which he started two years ago. margiela has a vision that is so forward thinking without losing practicality that he inevitably becomes extremely influential. the days leading up to this presentation was filled with speculations amidst rumours that margiela will be retiring. causing a sort of panic to all the margiela devotees who depends on the designer for the intellectual elegance and exquisite tailoring he brings to their lives. lucky for the world margiela is not retiring and he not only presented one fo the best shows of the season, it also provided the biggest smiles during paris fashion week when he sent down two models dressed up as a giant cake to celebrate his two decades in fashion.

photo: style.com

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