Sunday, September 21, 2008

london spring/summer 2009 - meadham kirchhoff

london's youth culture is without a doubt one of the most influential forces when it comes to street fashion. it is a city that has bred and nurtured the unconventional, the artistic, and the eccentric. and since designers like christopher kane, danielle scutt, giles deacon, and luella bartley are maturing and taking more consideration about the commerciality of their clothes, plus the absence of gareth pugh who will be showing in paris, positions are readily available for the next new talent to steal some of the london spotlight. this season designers ed meadham and benjamin kirchhoff has stepped up to the plate providing london fashion week with one of the most exciting show of the season. adapting their gothic sensibility with their experimentation and treatment of denim, the duo captured something that is very much in the mood of not high fashion, but what is going on on the streets of the world's urban capitals. the play with volume and length on top paired with a super slim bottom has become a silhouette worn by the younger generation from copenhagen to montreal (not to mention the ripped up jeans that has exploded in popularity since margiela showed a pair almost torn to its last breath last summer). and to finally see designers designing clothes for their age bracket, albeit made with a more rigorous technique and more luxurious fabrics is refreshing to see. the younger generation today is much more knowledgable and some of them make quite a bit of money. they understand quality and want to spend their money of well made clothes without looking like their parents. that missing niche, at least in london, might just be filled by meadham and kirchhoff.


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