Sunday, September 21, 2008

stella tennant

when she first started out modelling, this bad ass had her septum pierced and infamously told steven meisel "no" when he asked her to remove it for a photoshoot for british vogue. but since she's so rad he took her picture anyways and before you knew it, homegirl went on to land covers for italian, american, and british vogue, w magazine, and i-d just to name a few. not to mention being personally chosen by karl lagerfeld as the face of chanel. and scoring ad campaigns for dior, armani, valentino, dolce and gabanna, versace couture, jil sander, and burberry. oh before i forget, she is also the grand daughter of the duke of devonshire, which means she's basically royalty. i mean she is related to lady diana even though she's refuses to use her title of "lady" because she ain't got no time for that. it was because of her aristocratic air and art background that had the fashion world going ape shit over blue blooded models like honor fraser and iris palmer in the nineties. while those two eventually left modelling, it seems that modelling itself can't let go of stella. even after giving birth to a bunch of kids, she still manages to inspire a whole bunch of designers. most notably christopher bailey. the designer of that other great british export, burberry who has collaborated with stella on numerous occasion for the brand. i mean you can't really be anymore british that having a title and burberry. its like the perfect image of traditional british heritage meets modern england. nowadays she's busy taking care of her family and spending heaps of fun times in her garden and pursuing other things. but the fashion world still can't have enough stella in it's life so every now and then she makes a special apperance on a runway or a magazine and every time we fall in love with her all over again.

p.s. she also has the most amazing speaking voice ever. even how she moves her mouth when she speaks is fucking awesome. you know when people say "she just looks so expensive"....well i don't even think the king of brunei and bill gates' money combined can buy that intangible something that ms. tennant have.

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