Monday, September 22, 2008

jamie dornan

considering london fashion week just ended, i decided that for this month i should profile some of my favorite brits. and my favorite favorite of them all (well outta the boys at least because kate will always be my favorite of all favorites) jamie dornan. you know the guy who has the best eyes god has ever made. the first time i saw this boy in those dior homme ad campaigns a few years ago i literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. you know that thing that happens when you see someone that is so ridiculously good looking. when all your brain cells die for a few moments until you finally snap out of it and the first thing you get your brain cells to do is utter the words "DAMNNNNNNN!!!!". so thats how it felt. for the longest time i actually had no idea he was the same boy i wanted to shoot keira knightley for since i kept seeing her in all those cheap tabloid magazines walking around town with this babe. she's so lucky i actually liked her in pride and prejudice otherwise we would've had words. okay fine that wouldn't really happen but ugh jealousy is such an ugly sin. i mean this boy is so mesmerizing that i would actually deal with him being in an irish folk band since every who knows me knows how i am not folk's biggest fan. but then again he does have that tantalizing irish accent so i guess hearing his voice singing could be like a million cherubs singing you a lullaby. for a face this good looking you think sophia coppola in all her genius would've given him more screen time in marie antoinette. imagine seeing that face on a massive movie theatre screen...there would be so many babies conceived that night. i guess with his music and movie career he doesn't spend as much time modelling asides from those aquascutum campaigns with giselle. well as long as he doesn't disappear all of a sudden and i never get to see that face again, then i think i'll be fine.


Paloma said...

WOW! Speachless. And he is with Keira!

roybot said...

well he's not with keira anymore. they broke up a long time ago. why keira would ever break up with someone so beautiful is beyond any form of reasoning.

Adge said...

gorgeous, gorgeous boy !

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