Sunday, September 21, 2008

london spring/summer 2009 - louise goldin

if louise goldin had her way, then our future is destined to be a beautiful one. a knitwear designer who happens to exceed expectations and push her craft so brazenly forward not only for the fall/winter but for spring/summer as well, may be the sleeper hit of the new london generation most often overshadowed by the likes of giles deacon or christopher kane. since her first solo collection last year, goldin has become one of the now rare breed of designers who feels the need to not drastically change direction with each season. she has slowly and organically evolved and developed her ideas season after season which may be the reason why with each runway presentation her strenght as a designer and vision as an artist is growing momentum. there has always been a futuristic quality with her work. and that has not been as pronounced this time around where she was inspired by graphs, statistic counters, micro chips, and pixels to produce a collection that had the same feeling of sixties couregges or cardin. it was sort of naive idea of what the future would look like. it was serene but at the same time the exo-skeletal forms that framed the dresses and cat suits were there to protect the individual from the elements and eventually be on point with the archetectural sensibility floating around fashion at the moment. the shapes and detailing of her creations had a vague sense of comic book characters ready to step out and fight for their beliefs and values. that might not necessarily be one of the things that inspired goldin, but one gets the sense that this young designer has the same amount of balls and conviction for what she believs in like a wonder woman. the thirtieth century version.


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