Tuesday, September 9, 2008

new york - preen - spring/summer 2009

the one thing that preen gives the new york shows a healthy dose of is sex. in a city like a new york and a fashion week like new york fashion week, one doesn't really expect to see anything more but extremely commercial american sportswear. but since preen began showing in new york last year, the british label designed by justin thornton and thea bregazzi, has provided spectators with a sort of sexuality that can only be found in more liberal minded europe. the starting point of the collection seemed to stem from corset lacing. the designers just didnt use it as mere decoration, it actually held the clothes together making every glimpse of exposed skin an irresistible errogenous zone. the resulting image had a sense of naughtiness and perversity that was so erotically charged it was a surprise that it didn't actually look vulgar. even the more voluminous pieces that was shown with second skin dresses still oozed a raw and unapologetic sexuality. perhaps its due to the confidence the two designers have in their vision that their clothes really convey power and strength instead of weakness and uncertainty. because it takes a strong confident woman to pull off those clothes.

photo: style.com

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foolfashion said...

I'm such a big fan of Preen. Even their sexual side is so clever! It's like surgery a bit.
(I'm sorry to be such a pani, but I just discovered your blog :))

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