Sunday, September 28, 2008

plastique 80

voque paris: october 2008
photographer: mert and marcus
creative director: carrine roitfeld
model: malgosia bela

god i love carrine roitfeld. and i love love love malgosia. to be honest, when she first came out i wasn't really feelin' her all that much. but through the years the less i see her on runway shows and the more i see her on ridonkculous editorials like this one, the more i get floored by her pictures. and the same with mert and marcus. they've kinda moved on with all the digital aspect they used to play around with in the beginning of their career but they've maintained that clean element u get from from graphic design. particularly the trends of graphic design in the early two thousands which is the time these two dudes basically exploded. anyways, back to malgosia and carrine, i think those two are the only people in the planet that doesn't make me throw up when i see the extremely played out eighties revival that has been dragging on for what seems like forever. i also really really liked the whole bombshell guy bourdain/franceso scavullo vibe going on with the make-up and the hair. oh my freaking lord, that hair is bananans. this is the reason why i buy vogue paris month after month, its kinda dirty and expensive at the same time.

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