Monday, February 4, 2008

trench warfare

juun.j - spring/summer 2008
this shit is hella bonkers. i've always had this obsession with trench coats even though i don't actually own one. but there's something about it that reeks of intelligence in a none conceited kinda way. i guess maybe that's why it looks fuckin' sweet on the old italian and portuguese men in my neighborhood cause life has provided them with knowledge and humility. but dude, how good is a trench coat turned into a freakin jumpsuit? or a cape?? and y'all should know by know how much i loooove capes. i first came across juun.j on the pages of i.d. magazine a little while back, but since i'm a magazine whore, i must admit that i don't actually follow up on the artists, designers, musicians, writers, etc. that i've read about in the over dozen magazines i buy monthly. anyways, this kid is off his fuckin' rocker. designers constantly try to reinvent traditional menswear clothes but they do so with fabric, experimenting with different silhouettes but never really transforming it into something new yet obviously familiar at the same time. juun manages that and not only is this kid reinterpreting past ideas, he might actually end up inventing a new wheel.

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