Thursday, February 21, 2008

milan - marni - fall/winter 2008


if there is one thing to expect from a marni show is this, it'll always be very marni. for someone who follows fashion, that statement is neither esoteric or b.s. because those people know that in milan, there is one designer who is consistently showing her own idea in different ways which has been an evolution of previous collections. that designer is consuelo castiglioni. if prada is the intellectual, versace the sex bomb, then marni is the artist. her ability to combine colour, fabric, and texture in unexpected ways certainly feels like it comes from a place of creativity and sincerity that only a true artist can execute. this season all the marni-isms was out in full force. the control in volume that tailoring and fabric can provide, quirky and hugely profitable accessories, ingenious use of fur, and the use of layering to provide a complete ensemble was refreshing to see after seeing so many collections where each look was stripped down to its bare minimum. in marni, even with all the ingredients, it's end result never look haphazard or too busy. there is always a lovely sense of polish each pieces can provide. each piece compliments each other beautifully. a customer can take a coat from one look, mix it with a dress from another look, and then add her accessories from any of the other outfits, and that would still end up being runway worthy material. if there ever was a sure bet on investment dressing, my money is on marni.


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