Tuesday, February 26, 2008

paris - rick owens - fall/winter 2008


the combination of a goth like sensibility, rock and roll, and feminine asymmetry has been always been a rick owen's trademark ever since he burst into the international fashion scene. there is always a hint of a somber, post apocalyptic mood in his designs. unfinished edges, layered draping pieces, a dark colour palette, heavy hardware, all these components make up an aesthetic that is not only entirely his own, but has also been duplicated by other fashion designers. this season he departed from the soft draping of last spring as a result of his use of more fluid fabrics such as chiffon and jersey, into a still softer, but heavier drape. his experimentation with proportion and shape resulted in cape like leather jackets that billowed at the back paired with slouchy thigh high boots that had extra leather zipped on the side that when undone created a dramatic silhouette that flared out to the ground tucked over slim fitting pants. the designer also used fabrics that was cut to create architectural shapes. the way the leather was folded in jackets with towering funnel neck collars resembled organic buildings that even though was marvelous on the runway, might be a bit difficult for an ordinary woman. but owens knows his customer well and he knows that these are the things his die-hard fans are looking for and they will be willing to sacrifice comfort because to them, his pieces are like art, and they collect and treat it like so. and for everyone else, there were beautiful fur pieces that ruffled down the front that any lady who lunches will definately fall in love with.

photo: style.com

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