Friday, February 8, 2008

new york - women's fall/winter 2008 - day seven


fall would seem to be the obvious time for designer andreas melbostad to showcase his precise tailoring skills. especially after last springs parade of sharply cut jackets, trousers, and shorts one would think that that would be the direction he's going. who would've guessed this season that the designer would turn into a more delicate approach. and by delicate i don't mean flowy, flirty dresses. there was lace, tightness, and an influence of lingerie that pulsated throughout the show and gave it a lot of sex, something that is quite unexpected from the designer. i did however, sensed somewhat of a christopher kane influence in this collection. the little tutu-ish skirts with the lace paneling paired with second skin tops whispered some of kane's ideas but the angularity and sharpness of cut in those coats with a fur trim was melbostad all the way. the phi customer has always been a strong, take charge woman, and for next fall, she's also a sexbomb with a short fuse.


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