Tuesday, February 12, 2008

london - louise goldin - fall/winter 2008


only her second season in as part of the official london fashion week calendar, designer louise goldin has not only established herself as someone to watch, she did it by using knitwear as her platform and as a result, pushing it into new and innovative directions. her last effort was loosely based on outfits of synchronized swimmers meets boombox club kids. this season however, which just coincidentally is the season of sweater dressing, she took inspiration from a more suitable reference point, eskimos. even without the obvious two fur trimmed hooded jackets, the artic influence permeated through with the icy colour blockings of white, greys and blacks at the beginning, and the variations of cool blues that appeared as pixelated cubes on dresses, coats, skirts, leggings and everything in between. only momentarily spiced up by an injection of fiery oranges and soft peach. obviously when working with knits, the missoni reference will undoubtedly pop up. but for a designer so young and who's vision is already so developed, her reworking of this ancient tradition becomes imbued with a contemporary relevance.

photo: style.com

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