Friday, February 29, 2008

paris - sophia kokosalaki


in an age when the business of fashion highly depends on clothes for the working woman, sophia kokosalaki is one of the few that is still focusing on the art of dressmaking. since graduating from central saint martins, the greek born designer has gained a reputation for her highly advanced technical skills, and her constant interpretation of greek draping. transforming it more than just languid drape, but into sculptural forms that twist around the body with the lightness of wind. her dressmaking skills doesn't just end in grecian drape, she also showed organza dresses with chiffon peeking out underneath the hem with a lyre inspired neckline that twisted sinuously around the neck. its immaculate construction a testement to her also strong tailoring skills. skills that gained her the title as head designer for the venerable house of vionnet. although the partnership with kokosalaki and vionnet was short lived, it did give the designer the time to put all her time and focus on her signature line and maybe and hopefully in the near future, the world will finally take notice of talents of this extremely gifted designer.


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