Thursday, February 28, 2008

paris - hussein chalayan - fall/winter 2008

the evolution of hussein chalayan has provided the world with some of its most memorable fashion moments. be it through clothes that transforms into furniture, a commentary on multi-culturalism, or clothes that morphs and magically disappear, one can be assured that his shows are always going to be provocative. the duality of clothes as pure decoration and necessity has been an ongoing debate for chalayan and it is a theme that he has explored time and time again. this season however saw the designer entertaining the frivolity of dressing. how else can you explain totally impractical boulder size wilma flinstone type necklaces. when chalayan controls his conceptual urges the strenght of him as a designer shines through. that was realized in fluid asymmetricaly draped dresses that is far removed from the strict tailored cuts he prefered during his early years that will surely attract new customers but the same time not alienate the old ones. after so many years of deliberately challenging the idea and reason behind clothes, maybe he finally realized that all women dress to feel beautiful. and hopefully in the future, he will continue to make clothes that will do exactly that.


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