Sunday, February 17, 2008

london - erdem - fall/winter 2008


the grand couture tradition seems to be a great source of inspiration for designer erdem moralioglu. the delicate polish of his dresses, the use of decorative elements like beading and embroidery are translated into a modern vocabulary. and his choice of ultra feminine and traditional couture fabrics such as lace and duchess satin printed with his trademark garden themes of floral and insects has made his label a very distinct one in the contemporary fashion scene. quite an accomplishment considering the young age of the designer. it also helps that the canadian bred moralioglu is based in london, a city that actually promotes the growth of its designers by following their own path. and follow his own path he did this season. instead of worrying about producing a collection that is so fervently thought about commercialy, erdem presented a show that highlited and celebrated the things he loved. his love affair with lace resulted in a showstopping trenchcoat with a rosette trim. and his flirty party dresses with computer generated floral prints will continue to satisfy his growing customer base. but it was with his extravagant ballgowns which combined the strenght of his tailoring and his ability to harmonize colour, decoration, and shape that showcased the high levels the designer can achieved when he stays true to his own conviction.


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