Wednesday, February 20, 2008

jourdan dunn

about two months ago i blogged about the lack of black models on the runway and how the baramoter of fashion, miuccia prada hasn't used a black model in ten years. thats a decade y'all. i have classmates from highschool with kids that age. anyways, maybe my complaining about the issue was heard by some divine entity and by some cosmic miracle jourdan dunn was sent to earth in all her ridiculously smoking hotness to walk the prada fall/winter show. okay i know people might think that i'm enjoying this a bit prematurely because she still was the token black girl in the show just like every other show she walked in, but i'm not going to complain and bitch about how there should've been more black girls because the fact of the matter is that there was at least one. and like i said in my old post, i don't expect for things to change quickly and that it'll still be an issue for a long time. but you could not imagine how big the smile on my face was when i woke up at 5:30 am for work and checked and saw my new crush walking down the prada runway. i mean i was almost late because i was staring at the screen for so long. now all i have to wait for is balenciaga.

p.s. totally off topic...but where the hell is sasha?!?!?!

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