Monday, February 25, 2008

duck hunt

frankly i feel kinda lame posting pictures of myself here because all i talk about are clothes that costs more than my years rent and here i am showing y'all my outfit that cost me about a hundred and thirty bucks (that includes accessories and duck mask from honest eds). however, i am still super stoked about my new cheap monday shirt i bought at ukula last saturday that i had to blab about it. okay fine yes it is a women's shirt thats why its hella long cause its supposed to be a dress or tunic me thinks, but by the grace of holy god i'm as thin as a pencil therefore i can fit into anything so that should be enough to justify it. actually, not to appear like a tranny or anything, but i just realized that my jeans are also girls jeans, and so are my shoes. hey i'm asian its hard to find white people sizes that actually fits me.

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