Friday, February 22, 2008

rad hourani - fall/winter 2008

i knew i should've taken french immersion in grade school because if i did i would be fluent in french right now and i can move away because canada can offer me no opportunities because i am not going to slave away just to be a sales person at holt renfrew. its kinda sad that all the good canadian designers like todd lyn, erdem, jeremy laing, and now my new favorite rad hourani had to leave the great white north in search of greener pastures. i guess i should consider applying for a work visa to europe soon. anyways, there wasn't much of a departure from hourani's spring presentation in paris, but when you're this good there's no reason to change formulas just yet. and i'm pretty sure his decision to not diverse to another direction so quickly is that he's showing in new york where the market is bigger than paris. whatever his reasons were this was still an extremely strong effort from such a young designer and it makes me want to throw away everything in my closet because it's just not cutting it anymore.

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