Wednesday, February 20, 2008

milan - bottega veneta - fall/winter 2008


amidst all the hoopla in fashion for the next new thing, there are designers quietly and passionately working to perfect their craft that is coveted by women who are not looking for an "it" item, but are looking for immaculately made clothes that is luxurious, restraint, and feminine at the same time. to these women, the work of tomas maier at bottega veneta has not gone unnoticed. there is such a sublime quality in maier's work that is filled with so much intimate luxury and sensitivity that it's softness speaks volumes about the technical achievement in the garment and the richness of its fabrication. its almost like cristobal balenciaga's approach to design, by achieving purity, the execution must be perfect. there are no groundbreaking study of shapes and ideas here. just one of putting a collection where everything is without a doubt wearable (which these days seems to be groundbreaking during fashion week). no gimmicks, just clothes for a woman who understands quality not just in fashion, but in life as well and doing it in an effortless manner. to paraphrase one of the writers at, "when people ask me what i want to be in thirty years, i'll respond by saying i want to be the kind of woman who wears bottega veneta". now that should be every little girl's answer.


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