Thursday, February 28, 2008

chrystelle my belle

chrystelleoh shame on me that i almost forgot about homegirl chrystelle saint louis augustin and how fucking unbelievably beautiful she is. i remember back in the day when i used to wake up super early on saturday to watch style with elsa klensch on CNN and one morning there she was being interviewed. she had the sexiest accent ever. i mean french is sexy enough, but imagine french by way of the carribean island of martinique. ugh its almost heart attack inducing. no wonder gauguin went to that island because there are girls that are fucking bonkers like chrystelle running around. fuck even maxwell, one of the sexiest mofos ever casted her for his video sumthin' sumthin'. she's been basically retired from modelling for a few years now but every now and then her and her amazing afro pops up to put a giant smile across my face.

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Bobble Bee said...

o god, thanks for posting this! i remember her and her amazing afro, i was so in love with this chrystelle's kick ass look! :)
and what a beautiful name btw!

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