Sunday, February 17, 2008

london - gareth pugh - fall/winter 2008


during london's fashion week, the gareth pugh show becomes the temple where all of london's most influential movers and shakers; namely the twenty and thirty year old locals that matter gather for church. ever since he exploded into the collective fashion consciousness with his daring approach to constructing new shapes, pugh has managed to retain this sensibility and with each season that goes by, he strips them down, little by little and compresses it into something more wearable outside nightclubs in shoreditch. the inspiration from this collection came from the wizard of oz, and the sci-fi movie predator. the wicked witch of the west in futuristic space perhaps. whatever his inspirations was, this collection was filled with the usual suspects that makes up a pugh production. the industrial feel of the clothes (best seen on the zippers that made up the first two outfits), the cube like construction made of patent leather on the trimming on shoulders and dresses, and the goth like sensibility of the styling and make-up. the sharp hyper angularity of the clothes perfectly showcases the designer's talent for construction and it is this talent that is where the belief in pugh stems from. as his ideas percolate into something more sellable while retaining its individuality, pugh is in a position that can make him the future's surprise commercial success. just look what it did for london's old fashion bad boys galliano and mcqueen.


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