Tuesday, February 26, 2008

paris - bruno pieters - fall/winter 2008

as head designer for menswear giant hugo boss, its not surprising to see him produce a collection based on menswear looks. even though tailoring has been such a strong focus for the past couple of seasons, few designers tackled it to create an imposing androgynous effect. the androgyny of this collection recalled the ideas of yves saint laurent. the sharpness of cut mixed in with a hint of feminine volume to create something almost severe and utterly luxurious at the same time was quite different this season, and all the more better for it. the strength of the young belgian as a tailor was evident in jackets that was constructed with built in waistcoats in contrasting fabric, or in the overlapping flaps and sharp darting on his coats. there were some looks that came out that literally looked like men's suits like the opening look, but there was something extremely sexual about it. i guess its similar when men say that they like their girlfriends or wives wearing their clothes. if the secret to attract men is as simple as that, then bruno pieters might have just solved one of life's most enduring mysteries.

photo: style.com

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