Wednesday, February 13, 2008

london - marios schwab - fall/winter 2008


it is generally assumed in fashion that when hemlines drop then it is a prediction of strained financial times ahead. if this folktale is true, then marios schwab just predicted the coming of the second great depression. fortunately this time around, there will be lots of beautiful clothes most women wouldn't be able to afford. the hemline debate has been silent for a few years now. this season however, the general mood of young london is to go long, down to the ankle long. this provides a stunning silhouette because in many ways, its a look that has not been seen since galliano and marc jacobs for vuitton experimented with it in the late nineties. schwab injected this silhouette with his strategic use of layering to provide suggestions on what is underneath the garments. dresses in jersey came slashed that showed denim peeking underneath and there were lace cut-out dresses that exposed body parts that given the long silhouette, would've normally hid the body. even though the second skin fit of the clothes will surely suggest the body inside those clothes. given the proportion of the clothes and its covered up nature, this was however schwab's most sexually charged collection. it wasn't in your face but it offered you an idea of the body which made the show so erotic and provocative.


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