Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ute ploier - fall/winter 2008

of course she would be amazing. after all she was schooled by non other than raf simons so she is obviously awesome. there is a bit of raf simons-isms in her work. the dialogue between street wear, and sartorial tailoring that has become one of the strongest trend amongst emerging menswear designers. but while raf's work is more into the rebellious side of youth, ute's work reflects the naive beauty that can only be experienced by the young. and her collections have a more high level street wear feel than luxury brand. because really, hedi slimane's dior homme or raf simons might warrant the accolades and praises of young fans, but the majority of them can't afford its high price tags (ie: me!). nor do their lives require them to wear tailored pieces daily. i guess you can say that ute is the practice they require to develop into a more mature wardrobe. now if only i can find that morrisey t-shirt from her spring collection i will be hella happy sice i will actually be able to afford it. unlike everything else i write about.

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