Monday, March 3, 2008

paris - lanvin - fall/winter 2008

leave it to albar elbaz at lanvin to perfectly summarize everything that was good for the fall/winter collections. the combination of simplistic practicality added with a dose of unyielding beauty resulted in a collection that offered a glimmer of hope that in these times, functionality doesn't have to be dull. the lanvin woman elbaz always has on his mind is one that reeks of feminine nonchanlance. his sensitivity for the demands modern life asks of his customers has made him take into account certain things that a lot of designers sacrifice for their own vision. this unquestionable loyalty for the women who will always come first, has made elbaz one of the most beloved characters in fashion. and lucky for the women who are so charmed by him, there are very few in the business who can make clothes as beautiful as he does. and there is no one who makes cocktail dresses more beautiful than at lanvin. this season the dresses were made out of strips of grossgrain ribbon constructed as so that it gently draped around the body giving it an air of sensuality. the languidness and lightness of its drape made it appear like gossamer. the same strips of fabric were also turned into understated top and skirts to wear during the day. if there was anything austere about this collection it would be the colour palette. the deep purples and pinks the designer has been so fond of in the past was noticeably absent this season. thankfully what wasn't absent was the unapologetic beauty that elbaz always offer.


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