Monday, March 17, 2008

ooh la la la lou

playboy (france): march 2008
photographer: takis bibelas
model: lou doillon

holy jamolee is this not the most sexiest, dopest, tastiest, bestest cover in the history of the universe. so while american playboy puts plastic sluts like pamela anderson on the cover, the french in all their superiority and class chooses someone like lou doillon. and she's not only just the cover girl, she is actually buck nekkid inside but still in a non salacious way. plus they have articles on designers viktor and rolf, and gaspard yurkievich. i mean, is this a fashion magazine for heterosexual men with a thing for porn and good fashion? i guess those guys do exist in the wonderful world of europe. when i visit my parents again i am going to give them the biggest hell for choosing this continent to immigrate to.

p.s. yes i know i haven't been posting as often but after basically a month of non-stop blogging i'm kinda experiencing blogger's block. i don't have anything interesting to talk about. although it is fashion week here in toronto, so ergo, nothing interesting to talk about.


Bobble Bee said...

holy toledo, this is the coolest playboy cover in a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time!
i'm 300% sure playboy is going to see their sales rising in a 100% with this choice... and not only men will buy it!

Bobble Bee said...

i went to buy it the other day and the guy from the news stand couldn't believe it... haha ... he asked me a couple of times "play girl you mean?" and i was "no, no, PLAYBOY"... and he again, "for girls? Playboy for girls?".. "no, no, playboy for boys"... and it was sold out!!!!