Wednesday, March 5, 2008

hartmann norden

vienna based label hartmann nordenholz is one of those nice little surprises you get every so often after spending countless hours infront of your computer. to be honest it's only been recently that i started to really do research on european fashion outside of paris, milan, and london and after a pretty boring fall/winter collections i am so glad i did. i like how designers filip fiska and agnes schorer layer panels of chiffon on top of each other to produce interesting 3-dimensional shapes. i guess you can say this is one of their trademarks since after looking at their old collections, they play around the same idea. oh and they also do a lot of pleating. and i am a huge, i mean huge like oprah circa 1993 fan of pleating. unfortunately they don't make any boys clothes, and these clothes are just way too girly for me to pretend they could be androgynous.


Anonymous said...

roy i love your blog, gushes millie

Bobble Bee said...

this is really nice. it reminds me the work of jolibe somehow