Sunday, March 2, 2008

paris - john galliano - fall/winter 2008

there has been a certain level of seriousness during the collections. a seriousness that verged on the depressing. thank god there is someone like john galliano to inject some good natured fun back in the game. while this was by no means one of john's most inspiring collection, it did reaffirm his strenghts as a designer. the bold use of colours he displayed in rich jewel tones, the break the bank bias-cut dresses, and a wildly imaginative presentation that combines his love for the theatric and his romantic vision as a designer. the usual suspects of a galliano collection was ever present here, the twenties flapper inspired dresses, the belle epoch and poiret, the thirties bias cut dresses, and as always kabuki inspired make-up to play up the theatrical aspect of the show. after showing a somewhat sedate collection at dior, it would've done john some good if he could go all out with his signature line. there was enough safe clothes this season to last for a couple of years. a little galliano magic would've been the perfect ingredient to lighten up the grey month the fall/winter collections have become.


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