Monday, March 3, 2008

the garden of earthly delights

another magazine: spring/summer 2008
photographer: horst diekgerdes
stylist: kathy england
models: megan collison, siri tollerod, ali michael

ghaksljfhd!! yeah my thoughts exactly. this shit got me tongue tied. man if you think this shit is hot, you should see the cover with the hotness herself, miss uma thurman. my megan collison crush is no secret and i don't even really care that she was m.i.a. in milan and paris but fuck if she continues coming out with pictures like this, then i don't really care if i never see her on the runway again. and siri, oh she is fast becoming being included to my prestigious top five. well prestigious in my own head. and ali michael?? those casting directors in paris should be castrated for sending her home for gaining five pounds. after all the debate on skinny models last year they do something as retarded as send a developing teenager packing because she's gaining weight like all teenagers do. well ali, its good that you stuck to your guns and didn't turn out to be one of those anorexic girls the fashion world always pretend don't exist. and those stupid casting directors will look at this and think to themselves, i just let a million dollar commision slip right between my fingers.

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