Saturday, March 22, 2008

liberate kate

liberation next: march 2008
photographer: hedi slimane
model: kate moss

in the magical world of france their newspaper comes with a supplement guest edited by his royal majesty hedi slimane. inside he also took photographs of kate moss the boss and her famous nipples while my saturday newspaper was filled with about two dozen flyers for wal-mart, sears, a couple of pharmacies and grocery stores. first lou doillon for french playboy, and now this. the french press is lightyears ahead of our illiterate society.

p.s. i had all the pictures up but photobucket is uncivilized and believes that a nipple can have a devastating effect on humanity so it kept on deleting the images i uploaded. so i have now switched to imageshack. again, north america is fucking backwards.

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Bobble Bee said...

photobucket has blocked me way too many pictures to start naming them... I then decided to put the lame images in photobucket and the killer ones in flickr, and so far it's working.
Kate Moss for ever!