Saturday, March 22, 2008

getting high on la linda

after watching the best of bowie dvd this afternoon, is it just me or was every form of media in the eighties based on some fucked up, over the top concepts? seriously, have you ever seen bowie's "let's dance" video? it left me with the "what the fuck" face for a good half hour. and so does this ad. remember that movie "boomerang" with grace jones playing the character strange and it had that really weird commerical? well this ad was almost just as weird. but linda still looked obviously amazing. i guess that's what made her able to utter phrases like "i don't even get out of bed for less than ten thousand a day". unfortunately for the rest of us, we're not as good looking and since i just paid my credit card earlier today and almost flat broke, i would get up for twenty dollars, cash.


sohayla said...

I LOVE your blog!!

roybot said...

thanks for love sohalya.

WendyB said...

I adore Linda.