Tuesday, March 4, 2008

aitor throup

argentinian born, london based illustrator/designer aitor throup is perhaps the most shit crazy menswear designer ever. the first insanely brilliant collection is based on a story of football hooligans transforming into hindu gods with the functional aspects of revered british label stone island thrown in for good measure. i didn't really see that connection with hindu gods in the clothes, but who cares when the clothes are this good. and let me just tell you how much i need need need need to have one of those skull or wild boar bags since i lost my dearly beloved bag last summer because i was an idiot who got too drunk and left everything in a cab. and its not enough that this guy (who btw is fucking dreamy) is an awesome designer, dude is also an off the hook illustrator who has worked for everyone from evisu to fake london. although this collection is a couple of years old people still talk about it. like kanye west for example who talked about him in his blog , which surprisingly is actually quite enjoyable. that collection was his graduate collection for the royal college of art which won the its#five award for collection of the year, and i-d styling award. his newest collection entitled "the funeral of new orleans", is a story of five muscians trying to protect themselves and their instruments from hurrican katrina. this resulted into ingenious garments that morphed into pseudo armors to act as some form of protection from the wrath of the element. throup's story line can be a bit too overwhelming, but the end results of his imagination is the raddest thing ever. below is the video for his new orleans collection and lemme tell you, it is fucking dope.

Aitor Throup - Future Musicians of New Orleans from kwest on Vimeo

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Fenke said...

wow, this collection is amazing. and the drawings are really cool - a little bit like taken from a 'Gorillaz' video.