Monday, March 10, 2008

blow up

i've been wanting to rent this movie six thousand years ago but every time i go to rent movies i get distracted by movies such as "feel the noise" starring omarion because i get excited and think i can learn to bust some new moves on the dance floor like i did the first time i watched "you got served". but alas, its always a disappointment and i curse myself for forgetting to rent this movie. but this lovely afternoon after work when the snow was finally beginning to thaw i made a mental note to finally rent this movie and have a nice little stroll home. and boy this movie was filled with eye candy after eye candy that i thought i was going to get retinal cavity by the end credits. starting with the opening scene, which i think is perhaps the sexiest five minutes in film history ever with the sexiest mother fucker of the sixties, veruschka making hot, steamy love with the camera. and david hemmings playing the photographer wasn't so bad to look at either. based on swinging london in the sixties, the movie also starred other hotties such as vanessa redgrave, jane birkin, sarah miles, and sixties supermodels peggy moffit and jill kennington. i'm no film buff and i can't really intelligently talk about this movie in film lingo so i won't say much about it at the risk of sounding like a complete moron. and also because to be honest i was more pre-occupied with the visual aspect of the movie. however i do have this movie for a whole week and i will have plenty of time to watch it properly and not get distracted by mods running around in really good outfits.

versuschka giving fierce face. i don't really use the world fierce because its uber gay but i think that word was invented for this reason.

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