Sunday, March 9, 2008

doc martens and snow storms

docsokay i know i said before how lame it felt to post pictures of myself on here, BUT...i just bought doc martens so i'm hella excited about it and . and dude, lemme tell you that docs are the best shoes for snow storms. which toronto is being attacked by yet again for the second time this week. after avoiding about a dozen wipe outs today, homegirl and i decided it's best to stay in this saturday evening because last night was a drunken mess at wrong bar to see holy ghost. i would tell you more things about it but frankly, i was way too drunk to remember half of it. anyways, we watched the documentary "helvetica" with her drinking jack daniels and me vodka. i think every single person on the planet should watch it because its pure eye and mind sex. the cinematography was bananas, the old school typographers are bananas, their vocabulary is bananas, the music was bananas. everything about it was bananas. even when i was in school for graphic design, the helvetica font has always been my favorite and the one i used the most. but i never realized just how prolific that typeface was. it's fucking everywhere. and since i'm a big fan of modernism and the belief that the most efficient way to communicate is by simplicity, i was fully engrossed wathching by this film. its like a rothko painting or vintage calvin klein. unfortunately its getting quite late and i already polished a mickey of vodka and i have to work early tomorrow so i'm off to make out with the sandman.

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Dean said...

Which style of Docs do you have? I've worn them in quite a few Minnesota winters, and I've been less than impressed with their performance in the snow and ice. Don't get me wrong, I love my Docs. They are about the most durable footwear out there. But the rubber they use for the soles seems to get too hard in lower temperatures and lose their grip.