Tuesday, March 4, 2008

marianne faithfull

with a history that would put even amy winehouse to shame, marianne faithfull is one the first bad-ass girls in music. although her immense talent is sometimes overshadowed by her past which includes her battle with drugs and her notoriously publicized relationship with mick jagger, she silenced critics with her landmark album in 1979 titled "broken english". complete with her now famous husky voice courtesy of her non-stop skiing (cocaine binge for you slang deprived) and severe laryngitis. the bad girl allure in popular culture will never go away and marianne faithfull might possibly have been the baddest, and therefore hottest of them all. i mean how much hotter than singing sonny and cher's classic "i got you babe" with david bowie dressed as a nun can you get. you can't get hotter than that. and that voice, its like listening to a drunk lullaby.

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