Monday, March 17, 2008

sundays and kensington market

saturday night, just like many people's saturday night usually ends up being a debaucherous affair. well unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you are talking to, ours was quite messy. i mean, i realized that when the jenga gets busted out, nothing good can come of it. so as you can imagine, sunday morning was not pretty. i mean we all basically woke up looking like flavor flav with the most gigantic appetite ever. luckily chinatown was within walking distance and the temperature actually hovered above freezing so we set out for some tasty dim sum. and not only was dim sum delicious, the restaurant was actually filled with an alarming amount of hotness. after stuffing ourselves silly with those tasty dumplings and deep fried octopus fingers, we fought the itis and headed out for a stroll in kensington market. our homeboy kept on talking about this little gallery called function13 on augusta and boy i felt like how i felt the first time i opened my he-man and battlecat action figure set. i could not stop playing with the displays that was in the back gallery called pixel. its basically all these interactive instillations that is so beyond dope u kinda feel like a big loser cause you wish you were that creative. i mean for example, take a look at this thing that kept us entertained for so long:

yeah how fucking amazing was that. i was never really that interested in digital forms of expression because i guess i was never really exposed to it. i am thirty one and i don't even think photoshop was invented yet when i graduated from highschool. i'm pretty sure i've walked past by many places like function 13 so i guess there are still some things about this city that inspires me, so i shouldn't hate on toronto that much.

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