Monday, June 22, 2009

prada: menswear - spring/summer 2010

count on prada to deliver the first real statement of the season. while season after season there is an element that defines a prada collection, whether be it studs, lace or this season's mesh which was transformed into everything from cardigans, gillets, or the humble t-shirt, at the core of each of her collections is the tailoring. particularly in her perennial re-interpretation of the suit. which this time around was limited to a strict palette of greys. while the variations of the colour varied, she also managed to give it texture by juxtaposing traditional fabrics associated with menswear. houndstooth ,herringbone and checks somehow, in prada's adept hands, managed to work in unison even when injected with a jolt of black and white floral patterns. the visual and intellectual punch of a prada show is never dampened by a wroughtness that can easily alienate because her ability to challenge generic assumptions about fashion is never hampered by unwearability. while the true force of the prada engine is miuccia's boundless creativity, there is also an acute sense of business that has made her a template to follow for many other designers. the range of the suiting alone she presented can easily translate to a plethora of age and body. it satisfies both the consumers who looks for a high level of quality, and the ones who appreciates fashion and design. there are countless who follow the beat of miuccia's drum, but there is still no one who can ever take the lead of the march.


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