Monday, June 22, 2009

jil sander: menswear - spring/summer 2010

because the philosophy of the school of minimalism is rooted in the idea of subtracting elements to achieve the purest, most undiluted form, how raf simons has managed to continually expand on the very limited vocabulary of minimalism is nothing short of remarkable. and to do it for a house that has its own history and visual identity already established, where his own personal vision has to be respectful of the past and yet have the vision to successfully move the brand forward is a feat achieved only by the most talented of designers. as one of the most capable and innovative tailors, his usual strictness and sharpness gave way to a collection with a lightness that was so ethereal in the emotions it provoked that shone a new light into the belgian angst and melancholy simons is so closely associated with. the palette which consisted of mostly white and a hint of glacial blues and the palest of beiges further amplified the atmospheric lightness of the collection. there was also the work of artist tsugoharu foujita, faces that gave a sly glance or a waiting wink that appeared on semi sheer shirts that will without a doubt become a regular fixture on editorials come january. aside from such rare flights of fancy, this was a collection that will undoubtedly cement simons' reputation as one of the leading visionaries of contemporary men's fashion.


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