Tuesday, June 30, 2009

giuliano fujiwara: menswear - spring/summer 2010

its a beautiful paradox, the old world craftsmanship of milan meeting japanese obsession for the future. and to see it realized by giuliano fujiwara's creative director masataka matsumura is a burst of fresh air in a city which is ground zero for houses steeped in decades old tradition and heritage. the offspring of such two diverse cultures is one that retains a certain level of romanticism and nostalgia with trousers and jackets full of volume and then combined with hi performance apparel one might don while mountain climbing. a bit schizophrenic perhaps, but somehow matsamura managed to make it work because he never took his inspirations too literally. what looks like a harness actually serves as a belt, braces, or straps with pouches. it didn't act as stylistic touches or mere decorations. they actually had a purpose and gave all the looseness a strict frame to contain it before it loses control. in a way it reflects the attitude of italian and japanese men. at one corner the archetype of robust masculinity yet are often called the most romantic men in the planet. and at the other, soft spoken and reserved yet bound to strict codes of honour and conduct. a sort of irony that when combined sometimes produces beautiful results.

photo: menstyle.fr

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