Monday, June 22, 2009

burberry prorsum: menswear - spring/summer 2010

it is indeed a heavy burden to procreate a legacy that is over a hundred and fifty years old. christopher bailey however has managed to not only re-establish burberry's contemporary identity, but also expand it's vocabulary that makes the brand relevant in a climate that is so familiar and accustomed to houses that only retains a level of hype and attention for a few collections. regardless of how unfamiliar bailey's point of references are season to season, the one legible line he always draws from is an intrinsic english perspective that draws on all the history and tradition that is integral to a brand like burberry. last season's turn of the century industrialism with all its underlining dark romanticism was transformed into a modern utilitarian excercise of form following function. every design aspect adhered to a philosophy that it had a purpose. whether it be through jackets inspired by gortex outerwear or fishermen uniform some quilted or adorned with multiple pockets, in true burberry form, it was a celebration of the marriage between practical utilitarianism and luxurious details. a hallmark that bailey has always been consistent with since he was appointed as creative director of the house almost a decade ago. in the new millennium, burberry has transformed itself into a label that has survived predictable cliches into a brand that has forged a new identity in a manner that is congruent with a modern perspective on luxury that has its roots planted firmly with the needs of modernity. injecting it with the spirit of urgency and pertinency that is guaranteed to extend the lifeline of the house for years to come.


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