Tuesday, June 30, 2009

damir doma: menswear - spring/summer 2010

there has been a strong feeling of romanticism during the paris collections. on one hand there are designers who are feeling the need to project a form of escapism by taking its audience to far away exotic landscapes, or presenting a collection where the lines between poetry and design seems to be thinned out. damir doma is one of those designers whose work invokes a specific type of poetry. there is a brevity in his work that is able to provide a new perspective on men's fashion. i guess if his work is to be put in poetic terms, it would a haiku. there isn't a lot of ingredients and his work is never over wrought, but it has a powerful impact. as complicated as his aesthetic might be to some, in many ways his work could be look at as a sort of new minimalism. not the austere, almost surgical approach of the nineties, but an evolved state of minimalism where it isn't all about function and utilitarianism, but also an expression. there is something about his clothes that breaths and provides the garments with a personality that is often missing in menswear. doma also has such a strong sense of presentation, that his clothes might appear to be too specific, or too directional for most consumers. but dissect each individual piece and the thought that doma puts into each garment displays a consideration for the life of his clothes after the runway. sure his clothes appeal to the more adventurous variety, but one of the things he does best is tweaking classics. such as his jackets that asymmetrically wrap around the body in such a fluid way that one side of the lapel gently drapes over. considering that doma has been one of the first menswear designer to experiment with draping and still use the skeleton of men's clothing, there are very few who did it better. it has been a watershed season for up and coming designers, and it appears that doma is one of the contenders to be the leader of the future pack.

photo: thefashionspot.com

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