Tuesday, June 30, 2009

miharayasuhiro: menswear - spring/summer 2010

mihara yasuhiro is almost like an oddity within the japanese cabal that show their collections on an international platform such as paris. sure there are some japanese trademarks that are consistent with yasuhiro's body of work, but what really sets him apart from his contemporaries is an unabashed, almost irrational romanticism. his clothes are emotive, but unlike yamamoto who is also able to unleash a well of emotion with his collections, yasuhiro takes his inspiration from points that aren't as grandiose, or at least not obviously. inspired by antoine de saint-exupery's beloved story "the little prince", the designer presented a collection that like the book, was both charming and poignant yet it never drowned in saccharine adulation. the author's personal life, which yasuhiro also used as a reference, grounded this collection and prevented it from turning into a fairy tale. what yasuhiro is able to do season after season is present a collection with a narrative that is so finely threaded together that he can combine something like a fairy tale about a boy who lives alone on a little planet and the experience of man who has lived through world war one and somehow find the common ground that relates one story from another. there are many great story tellers in fashion, hopefully in the very near future, more people will want to hear the magical tales of this criminally underrated minstrel.

photo: men.style.com

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