Tuesday, June 30, 2009

juun j: menswear - spring/summer 2010

it is an exciting time in the world of men's fashion. the boundaries that once caged ideas of the male uniform in a suffocating box is collapsing with a certain sense of urgency fueled by young talents that grew up in a rapidly shrinking world where every information is collected and amalgamated together resulting in a new vision for the modern man. korean born designer juun j. is one of those designers that continuously pushes the sartorial direction every season with his innovative contribution to the male fashion vernacular. known for his modern take on iconic pieces of the male wardrobe like the trench coat which his first paris runway presentation was based from and this season re-interpreted into a one piece romper, most of his past collections had a sharpness and strictness that gave his clothes a more geometric, rigid silhouette. this season however there was a lightness not only from his use of sheer/semi-sheer fabrics, but also because of the billowing volume that added a new word to his growing vocabulary. the contrast provided by such opposing factors best exemplified by baggy, translucent knee-length shorts layered over drain pipe trousers gave the collection a tension that kept the presentation immensely intriguing. while his past collections talked to a limited audience, this collection proved his ability to combine his own sensibility with the concerns of retailers and consumers. giving this lesson learned, juun j. might just be that designer that suddenly sneaks up on the collective consciousness and be men's fashion's next wunderkind.

photo: fashionspot.com

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