Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sean opry

the boy with the pillowy lips has been everywhere the past year and a half. discovered by nole marin through his myspace page (i actually saw sean's myspace page and dude its hella funny. his profile pic looked like one of those old no limit cd covers with really bad graphics where sean's eyes were this neon blue and everything else was black and white. it was a good chuckle), from the get go this boy basically shot to the top being proclaimed by british GQ as the "man of the season" for spring/summer 2007. pretty dope considering the kid has only been modelling for less than three months and whose runway debut was for no less stefano pilati for yves saint laurent the following season. since then he's scored campaigns for calvin klein, gianfranco ferre, dsquared, belstaff, and most lucratively, armani. i think his appeal stems from being stupidly good looking, but with an interesting, unconventional face. its not classic in a male template kind of way, but its arresting. and if those ridiculous puckers and pair of bewitching blue eyes wasn't enough, his down home southern boyishness is enough to charm the pants off everyone. and i mean that literally.

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