Monday, October 6, 2008

paris spring/summer 2009 - miu miu

it was fitting in such a dire economic atmosphere that miuccia prada sent down the sexiest street urchins of the season. complete with pleated dresses and tops with frayed holes and unfinished hems. the collection she showed for her miu miu line was in true spirit of the brand had all the elements of girlishness, naivete, and a dash of perversity that was always the secret ingredient that made miu miu so successful in the first place. the lolita-esque quality of the clothes plays on all the imagery of young girls exploring sexuality for the first time. perhaps its not what the designer intended, but season after season miu miu is a window into miuccia's more playful and right minded personality. however that doesn't mean that prada abandoned all her trademark intellectualism. according to her this collection was inspired by european history. how that translated into the collection asides from the roman mosaic inspired prints is anybody's guess. but then again that is the perpetual power of prada. her work lingers on everyone's mind waiting to be deciphered. and when the code is finally broken it eventually seeps into the mainstream. by then, she's already on to the next thing giving our brain its next new workout.


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